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On the 24th of December, Hereford Village has arranged a traditional Danish Christmas dinner.
Restaurant doors open at 06.00 PM and dinner is served at 6:30 PM
We offer you a classic Danish 3-course Christmas dinner, all included

Hereford Village Gravlax served with mustard sauce and bread
Wine: Vina Tarapacá Reserva Chardonnay

Main course
Roast Christmas pork with crisp crackling & Danish duck roast stuffed with
prunes and apples Served with hot Christmas sweet and sour red cabbage,
Potatoes white caramelized sugar glazing,
cooked potatoes and delicious rich brown gravy
Wine: Vina Tarapacá Reserva Cabernet/Sauvignon

*Homemade ris à l ́amande with hot cherry sauce
Wine: Vina Tarapacá Late Harvest

Coffee or tea
Price all included 699 DKK
Deposit 250 DKK pr. pax

Reservation necessary

*Danish Christmas specialty dish, ris à l’amande is boiled rice swathed in whipped cream and vanilla, mixed with chopped almonds and served cold with a hot cherry sauce.

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1459 københavn K
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