About Hereford Village Steakhouse

Hereford Village Steakhouse is located in the heart of Copenhagen. We have been here since 2002, and we still serve tender, juicy steaks and our famous spare ribs.

Our key points are good quality, the right ingredients and last, not least, good taste and great food. Our guests can taste the love we bring in the food, whether it’s one of our popular steaks, a vegetarian dish or our Hereford Luxury buffet. We never compromise on anything, which ensures you as a visitor an experience without equal.


Some of our most popular steaks come from the well-known ‘Freygaard’, which in 2018 won ‘World Steak Challange’ in London. With us you get them in sizes from 200 to 500 grams, so there is something for every stomach and starve.

We offer a fantastic view over Strøget in Copenhagen, or the hectic activity in the kitchen. You can easily enjoy a romantic dinner at our secluded repos, or take the family out for an evening at Hereford.


One of our core values ​​is that our guests should never feel they have gone in vain. We have a little to every taste and the prices are also friendly so everyone can join.

Come by us if you are going to start the evening in a cozy place, or stay here after the meal and enjoy a nice cocktail before you and your company are going home or further.

We look forward to welcoming you and serving a delicious meal for you!

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