About Us

Hereford Village Steakhouse at Strøget in Copenhagen welcomes you to a super steak experience.
Come and have a nice start at a nice evening at Hereford Village.
The restaurant has a great view of Strøget or the hectic activity of the open kitchen.

The possibility of a romantic evening with candlelight on the remote repos is also present.
Hereford Village focuses on quality and commodities at reasonable prices.

Big steaks and good bones
Try one of our delicious steaks with delicious accessories. We serve them from 200g to 500g.
We have many kinds of steaks cut from hungry beef.

Hereford Villages famous spareribs are also a delicious alternative.
We also offer Burgers, Grilled Salmon, Vegetarian Foods and various light dishes.
Hereford Village Buffet is a chapter by itself, here you will find a large selection of Grilled Meat, Fish, Chicken, Soup, Stew, Garnish, Huge Salad Table, Dessert.

In short, you never go in vain at Hereford Village on Strøget.